About Epidemic

Founded in May of 2010 under the name Eternal Plague (eP), Epidemic was a Battle.net gaming community centered around a tight nit group of friends wanting to have fun. We spawned off of a fairly large community on USEast called Wolves in eXile (tag wX) which had been around since 2001 but was unfortunately hitting a point of no return due to the leader having personal issues that had to be dealt with.

With the inception of the Starcraft 2 beta launch in early 2011 it was only natural that eP pick up the game as one of our main center pieces of the community. After a fairly solid recruitment campaign on both the Battle.net official forums and TeamLiquid, eP grew three-fold within only a short few weeks. Upon this explosion in user activity eP developed ties with famous Starcraft 2 coaching website Gosucoaching.com and SC2Builds.com and started a weekly tournament (Platinum Gamers Weekly) sponsored graciously by Gosucoaching and a monthly $100 tournament sponsored by SC2Builds. Through these tournaments and support from our sponsors the community grew astronomically, peaking at over 200 active users within the community.

Due to the massive influx in user base it was decided to start developing a Starcraft 2 competitive team to participate in team leagues and other functions under representation of our community, eP. Shortly after developing the competitive team a more skilled team contacted eP management and proposed a merger of our community and their team. After this merger eP developed into quite the powerhouse. Sporting a very impressive record of 20-5 in their first 25 clanwars following the merger with Stratyk, they were at the forefront of the un-sponsored teams along side teams like tQ, iS, LaGTT, and iNs.

In May of 2011, the owner of eP had to take a short leave due to living arrangement changes and moving across the US for a new job opportunity working for North American Star League, LLC. Unfortunately because of this sudden change eP as a community had a bit of a downfall due to the leader not being able to be as active managing the team and community and activity dropped significantly due to that.

After long talks of how to deal with the sudden change in activity and issues with eP it was unanimously decided that there needed to be change, and a large change at that. So developed the concept and rebranding of eP into "Team Epidemic." Team Epidemic's mission is more focused on cultivating a conductive learning atmosphere for aspiring competitive gamers trying to get into the Starcraft 2 scene and wanting to become better gamers. Through Tournaments, structured practrice/coaching sessions Epidemic aims to be the #1 community in Starcraft 2 for nurturing Starcraft 2 talent in the scene.

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