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Thread: Battle.net Account and Characters

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    Battle.net Account and Characters

    Okay everyone, This thread is going to be updated regularly by all three division leaders. This thread is going to be where we keep a list of clan member's account names and character names on battle.net. The new Battle.net 2.0 uses a new account management feature so this is not for your new account info, rather this is for whatever you use to sign in and play Diablo II.

    You may notice that some of us have an [eP] tag at the end of our account name. You are NOT required to add that to your account name. It was once a requirement but we removed it due to Battle.net 2.0 being so different. You are not any more, or any less, important in the clan based on whether you have a tag or not.

    Clan Battle.net Accounts - Character Names

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    Re: Battle.net Account and Characters

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